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Our guides were the Marlow family, who own lodges in the town of Seward and Soldotna, along the Kenai River. Seward lies on Kenai Fjords National Park, and we were treated to two pelagic birding trip aboard Ken Marlow's boat, the Shearwater. He is an expert at finding the birds of the Fjord, especially Alcids, and we weren't disappointed. Lifers were SOOTY SHEARWATER, SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATER, PELAGIC and RED-FACED CORMORANT, BLACK OYSTERCATCHER, THICK-BILLED and COMMON MURRE, PIGEON GUILLEMOT, MARBLED and KITTLITZ's MURRELET, PARAKEET and RHINOCEROS AUKLET, HORNED and TUFTED PUFFIN.

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